HSR&RC Membership Rules


1. A resident must accompany guests at all times.
2. There are no lifeguards on duty and each and every person utilizing the beach, boat ramp, and dock does so at their own risk.
3. Do not tie a boat to the dock in an area that blocks the boat ramp.
4. No overnight mooring.
5. No horse-play on the dock.
6. The gate is to remain locked at all times.


1. Reservations for courts may be made two (2) days in advance. Players who are more than 15 minutes late will relinquish reserved court. Please cancel courts when you are unable to play.
2. Members can reserve a court once per day. Players are allowed 1 and 1/2 hours for singles and 2 hours for doubles. Players are encouraged to sign up in sequence to make maximum use of the courts. Please sign your name in each block and sign in when beginning to play.
3. Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a club member. Bona fide house guests are considered accompanied by a member for use privileges. Tennis courts may not be used by non-member Hallmark Shores residents either individually or as guests.
4. The club may reserve courts for instruction, tournaments, or round robbins for club members at specified times and will have priority.
5. Tennis shoes must be worn. Appropriate tennis attire is encouraged. Men must wear shirts.
6. Only players are allowed inside the enclosure. Children should play on the playground, not on the courts, while their parents are playing.
7. Courts must be entered by the nearest gate. Do not walk across the other court.
8. No food or smoking is allowed on the courts.
9. Good conduct and courtesy is expected of all players. Players must refrain from loud talk and behavior annoying to others.
10. Please keep trash, ball cans, etc.,in the receptacles provided. Your help will be appreciated.
11. No cycles or skates allowed on the courts.
12. All persons signing up to play tennis should do so in the spirit of cooperation; i.e., it is urged that members play only one time per day when it can be anticipated there will be heavy demand for the courts. It is only in this way that we can avoid establishing rigid, restrictive rules governing play.