Frequently Asked Questions About the Hallmark Shores Racquet and Residence Club

Question: Is membership in the Hallmark Shores Racquet and Residence Club mandatory for all property owners?

Answer: No, Membership in the HSR&R Club is completely voluntary.


Question: How do I become a member and what does it cost?

Answer: Contact any member of the board. The membership fee is $200 and the annual fee is currently $175.  The annual fee for members with deeded access is currently $90.


Question: Is the Hallmark Shores Racquet and Residence Club a homeowners association?

Answer: No, but HSR&RC acts as a homeowners association in that it has assumed responsibility for the maintenance of common elements and for enforcement of the Hallmark Shores deeded restrictions.

Question: How much property does the HSR&RC own and maintain for its members?

Answer: The boat ramp area actually consists of two parcels, one is .21 acres and the other is .44 acres. The tennis courts, the woods, and the open grass area that extends to Panorama Drive consist of 5.43 acres. The total amount of property is just over 6 acres.


Question: Do all HSR&RC members have equal use of the boat ramp area?

Answer: No, the property owners in Hallmark Shores with lake lots are entitled to the use of the boat ramp to launch and remove their boats. The boat trailer may not be stored at the ramp between launch and removal.

Non-lake owners may leave their vehicle and trailer between launch and removal but not overnight.


Question: What was the old Tennis Club and how did the Racquet and Residence Club come into being?

Answer: The original Tennis Club started in 1977. The founding officers were; Clyde Turbeville, President; John Harbin, Vice President; Jean Mandeville, Secretary/Treasurer; Jerry Welch, Director; Lucious Porth, Director; Tommy Copley, Director; and Jack Gould, Director. The framework of the Tennis Club was used in 2000 when an entity was required for assumption of the duties that were previously performed by Hallmark Shores, Inc. (Edna and Lucius Porth).


Question: Does the Racquet and Residence Club have the legal authority to oversee the deeded restrictions?

Answer: Yes, legal authority transferred from Hallmark Shores, Inc. (Edna G. Porth and Lucius O. Porth) to the Hallmark Shores Racquet and Residence Club on the 26th day of January, 2000.


Question: What is the policy on lock codes for the boat ramp and tennis courts?

Answer: All members of HSR&R Club are entitled to the court and boat ramp lock codes. The lock codes are changed at the annual meeting. Don't lose your codes!  Any member letting a non-resident use their lock codes is subject to loss of use of the boat ramp for the remainder of the year.